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Transcript Description
Transcript from Ideal College of Law, Wada is Set of Documents which consists the details of the qualification issued in official format of respective University/Institution. Transcript Consists of all the details of subjects attended and the marks obtained from First Semester/Year – Last Semester/Year. Each set of Transcripts/Attested mark-sheets is issued in a separate sealed and Stamped/Signed envelope Transcript is provided to all courses be it Secondary Education , Graduation , Post-Graduation or Even PhD. Transcripts are usually used by candidates to apply for Permanent Residency, Higher Education, Visa, H1B or other Immigration purposes . If you are applying for WES evaluation (ECA) for Job, Education or Canada PR, you need to apply for transcripts from your University, unless your college is Autonomous. There are two types of transcripts**

Type 1:- All Educational Documents(Mark-sheets,Degree Certificate) issued by University/Institution Will be Attested/Verified/Authenticated by the issuing University or Institute. All Attested Documents will be placed in sealed envelope which is stamped and signed by the Officials of the University.

Type 2:- Details Containing Marks, Hours of Study, Course Duration, Subjects, Marks Obtained(Theory, Practicals ,Orals & Assignment), Medium of Study and College Name(If Required). It may be Single or Multiple Pages as issued by the University/Institute(in case of autonomous ). Also additionally All Attested Documents(Degree Certificate, Marksheets) will be placed in sealed envelope which is stamped and signed by the officials of the University along the flap of the envelope.

Its Completely on  Ideal College of Law, Wada to Decide on the Format it Provides the Document in and it can be changed by them without any Notice.

Edvantage Solution helps getting Transcript from Ideal College of Law, Wada Online . Trustworthy , Transparent & Hassle Free Procurement Services Can Be Availed  Online from Anywhere in the World.

Services We Offer for Ideal College of Law, Wada
  • Transcripts
  • Degree Certificates (Duplicate)
  • Provisional Certificates
  • Migration Letter
  • Name Correction in Documents
  • Duplicated Mark Sheet
  • Medium of Instruction Letter
  • WES Verification
Documents Required for Transcripts Application
  • All Semester/Year Mark sheets (Including failed/re-attempts)
  • Degree Certificate/Convocation/Passing/Provisional Certificate
  • Transcripts Issued by College(if required)
  • Request Letter/Authorization letter
  • ID Proof & Photograph**
Processing Time
Processing Time vary from 15-20 working days, request for details & get exact timeline for your university/institute , Edvantage Solution ensure to complete process within time specified by our team.
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Steps For Procurement of Ideal College of Law, Wada Transcripts
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  3. Upload Your Documents & Submit
  4. Get Order Confirmation and Make Payment
  5. Our Team Will Submit Application to University/Institute
  6. Transcripts Will Be Delivered To Your Agency or Mentioned address Once Completed By the University/Institute


Edvantage Transcript Procurement Services are designed to facilitate compliance with WES, IQAS, CARP, NCEES,SAQA, PEBC, NDEB, NASBA, CAPR, NZQA, ICAS,ICES, MOIA, MEA, ECE, UK NARIC  or any other assessment requirement for any agency or university.

Samples of For Reference.

***For Representation only :- Transcript format varies from each University/College/Institute Sometimes its Delivered electronically and format may change anytime as per the issuing authority . ****

Frequently Asked Questions

Know Few of the frequently asked questions about transcripts & our transcripts services


Transcript is a document given by any educational institute which contains complete details of one's education,subject,practicals,study hours and each and every required details according to the courses.Usually required for education evaluation purpose or for jobs application.

Source and recipient institutions have strict document requirements to issue transcripts.

Proper details followed as in educational documents and recipient address clear scan copy of all the documents of the course completed .Avoid Dark/light/shiny patches and shadow on the documents. Avoid rejection and wastage of time by taking time to upload clear pictures.

Not required most of the time except to few universities which strictly demand the originals to be present in that case without originals application submitted  cannot be withdrawn.

Get in touch with university/institute apply following the official procedure & pay respective fees and visit again to collect the trancripts and send it sometimes to get confirmation of dispatch. Usually will take around 2-3 weeks official procedure** .

Educational Assessment for Visa or Employment Purpose Comparing the Education w.r.t Country Visiting.

Edvantage Transcript Procurement.

Transcripts are procured by self , family member or any agency like us. But where we come is our constant involvement in the world of Transcripts,ECA and Assessments . We are well versed in most of the University/Institutes procedure and certainly help you to meet deadlines and we make sure to co-operate even after  the transcripts are dispatched . We will help you by sharing knowledge to help face difficulties to clear ECA in WES /Others agency .

Yes, we ship to WES. and all other Agencies, Universities or Institutions and also to Consultants across globe. Just enter WES/Required address in the “Address Fields” on the apply page and specify the  Reference number in the Instructions section.

Once you select number of sets required in transcript application automatically you will get address column provide each address carefully mention the country each set if separate address will be extra charges for shipping. Shipping charges vary with country when you select the country the price total will be updated accordingly.

Yes, we do! Each set has its own recipient address you can select to any number of agency located in any country for each shipment to be sent.

Usually University/Institute will have Minimal,Same or Even No price for Extra Set Transcript in single application. Depending upon your university the charges to procure additional set will also be shared with matching shipping requirements.

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