Edvantage Solution  is a startup established to create a seamless solution for educational services ,extended educational related services and recruiting solution .

We Provide Various Details about attestation and consult people for the better time bound experience . Edvantage Solution is indulged in Educational Services  Like Verification,Transcripts Services (Online Procurement) ,Visa Consulting, Abroad Studies, Attestation , Higher Education Counseling, Online & Educational Information Blog & Discussion Forum.

Our Shared vision across extended educational services work seamlessly synchronizing to each and every individual aspirant requirements  through educational journey and achieving great height without worrying about time spent across various requirements like authenticating documents through respective Embassy ,or Apostile for All Educational & Non-Educational Documents.

Edvantage is Solving the time and creating vast knowledge base related to Educational Services & Also Researching various methods presented through free information site  EdvBlog.

About Our Services

Edvantage Verification Services Product based in online built to give easy access to verifying any person/candidate by individual, organisation or school/institutes .
The difficulty in building trust between two parties Is what we are solving ,by the saying goes ”Trust but Verify”. Be it a driver,maid ,bride groom ,small businesses or any interaction /transaction which requires the basis as trust . Out passion about applying technology for solving problems between two parties is out foundation
Our Service includes
• Address Verification
• Identity Verification
• Education Verification
• Employment Verification
• References Verification and Many More
Services can be customised as per individual or organisational requirement.
We have created a Application form for entry of each required verification and all transparency and security in maintained to ensure the requirement is fulfilled .
Steps for applying BGV
1. Login to www.edvantagesoltuion.com
2. Select required verification types and customise the required checks in clicks
3. Upload required details and documents to be verified .

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Transcripts from university/college is required for various reasons like employment, evaluation or abroad studies.

Getting Transcripts from Indian university is a challenge for non-resident Indians and Indians who is not living in same city as the university location. Major issue is being not so effective way to communicate to the University and it may cause huge delay in process for Students  .

By Focusing on making transcript application process easy ,cost efficient and timely we are striving to improve relation between students and university.

In India around millions of students passout each year but still there is no centralized approach to procure transcript or any documentation usually it demands each student to be physically available so it creates more hassle when its required .

With Edvantage Solution’s Transcript Procurement Application  whole process of only few steps

  1. Browse Your University
  2. Select and Upload required documents & details
  3. Transcript will be delivered within prescribe time.

We have made transcript applying in 10 mins without any hassel and delivery each set to sent to given address

Apply For Transcripts Here 

Edvantage Solution is efficient attestation service agency, manage by excellent team to provide fast, reliable and hassel free service and more importantly transparent solution.

We Provide complete support to attest your educational ,non-educational/personal and commercial documents as per requirement.

Be it HRD,MEA,SDM,Notary,Foreign. Ministry,MOFA,Embassy ,Apostille.

As per requirement of any individual & organization.

We provide services at affordable and timely manner, our team is available for questions anytime, absolute transparency is maintained.

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Every year more than 40 lakh graduates & post graduates are added to workforce in India. By increasing demand number of colleges is also increasing which is also making it difficult to get ideal suitable college for each individual without humongous research and comparing each one with the features .Reliable information about colleges ,loans foreign education is lacking .


We are trying to give valuable information and guiding the students in all walks of life be it Going for Graduation or Opting for trendy course or Going Abroad to study.


We are covering

  • Latest Information about University /College
  • Loan Information
  • Abroad Education
  • Abroad Education Loan
  • Providing platform for discussion
  • Providing mentor for each individual in career counselling



Relatively new to being visa consultancy but our expertise in indulging any sector and make our self equipped with information and reliable sources gives us edge.


No matter what your visa requirement is we are here to assist and fulfill your dreams.

Whether you are looking for work or job visa, tourist or visit visa, business visa or/ and dependent visa, we can help you.We offer visa services for several countries such as Canada, Germany, Qatar, Dubai, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Malta, London, UK, Bali, China, New Zealand, Greece, Saudi Arabia, USA/US, Poland, Netherland and Europe. As far as submission of document for visa service is concerned, it depends on the country you want to travel.

We genuinely understand that most travellers are not familiar with the complex process of Visa requirements. This is exactly where we can assist you in facilitating you in arranging and organizing the necessary certificates and documents so you can get Visa easily.


Timely, Transparent and Minimal cost is what we aim for when dealing with any candidate as per the country then wish to travel.

The WES evaluation process is important for immigrating to Canada. WES document evaluation is not needed if you have completed your studies from the universities or schools in Canada. We help students, immigrants or job seekers to migrate, study, work and do business in Canada by assisting them in completing the WES evaluation procedure. Edvantage Solution assists the candidates to get the university verification for the World Education Services (WES) from the Universities of India and other Countries like UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi, Bahrain, USA, UK, Australia etc. We also assist them in getting university transcript from the respective universities for completing the WES verification process.


Other Evaluating Agencies like IQAS,ACS, NZQA are also served and Data Flow Verification