What is Medium of Instruction Certificate?

Medium of Instruction widely know as MoI is certificate provided by official authority (University or College), Stating the official language in which the Student has completed the course.In India Be it Secondary Education , Intermediate, Graduation or Any Course in regard has been taught in many languages  Vernacular Mediums or English in India.

As English is growing widely accepted language minimizing the number of options required to communicate Many Countries use English as Primary language any person from India visiting those countries need to furnish letter from their University/Institute .


Who Issues MoI

Issues by University or Institute or College of Study. Student can request the respective authority of take our help in Procurement of MoI from 900+ universities in India.

Importance of MoI

MoI Certificate proves the authenticity of Medium of Instruction helps you bypass UK NARIC without providing Additional test ,help your employer recognizing your preferred language.


MoI helps your Admitting University to recognize that you have studied in English.

Duration to Procure MoI

MoI Certificate will take around 10-15 Working Days Depending upon the University .

How to Apply for MoI
  1. Click here
  2. Fill Up The Form
  3. Upload Your Documents & Submit
  4. Get Order Confirmation and Make Payment
  5. Our Team Will Submit Application to University/Institute
  6. Medium of Instruction Certificate Will Be Delivered To Your Agency or Mentioned address Once Completed By the University/Institute
Sample of MoI