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Immigration,Visa, Abroad Jobs & Education

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Educational Services & Insights

Transcripts Procurement

Serving Customers Across Globe to Avail Transcripts ,MoI, LoR and other documents Procurement from Various Indian Universities.

Attestation Services

Attestation for Indian Documents from Embassy, Apostille & DataFlow Verification . WES ,IQAS and Other Types of Evaluations

Verification Services

Background Verification Services Package consist of various advanced check to ensure Employee Credibility.


Immigration & Visa Services

Visitor Visa/Study Visa/Work Visa/Business Visa/Permenant Residency(PR), Work Permit and Many More


Higher Education Information

Study in Foreign Countries(Higher Education Counseling, Education & Examination News

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Innovative Solutions

We stand for fresh view on business and implement novelties with pleasure.

Quality Resourcing

We strive to use modern technologies and the latest resources in our work.

Experienced Consultants

Every team member has over five years of experience in business.

Solution Defining

When you don’t see the right decision, we are here to show you ones.

Identify and eleminate fraud and misrepresentation by potential new recruits. Check for Employment History, Income, Educational Qualifications, Litigation, Credit and more.

And Our EdvFy is there to help employers better know their employees by providing un-parallel solution and providing in depth analysis of one’s profile.

Data Solutions.

As once Great said Trust ,But Verify. Our Data Backed Solutions help to check various section of candidates profile.

Business Due-Delligence

Performing variety of checks related to vendor,corporate entity,partners to perform a trustworthy relationship


Each application will go though series of previous misinterpretations to make sure to find negative loopholes before starting main diligence to maintain accuracy of the final report

Know Your Leader

A specialize verification to help you hire best competent and authentic top level management ,wide range of in depth analysis to avoid future risk and damage .

Financial Risk Check

Verification of Balance Sheet, Profit or Loss ,Capital Structure and other Related to Finance division of a company.

Verification Services

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We work efficiently to get accurate result output and provide top-notch verification services to all sizes of enterprises

Customizable Verification Report

Customize your verification application by including only the necessary checks as per requirement. protect your company against any false claim done by employee. Verification Made Digital,Easy and Seamless.

Edvantage Transcripts Solution

Transcripts Procurement Services

Explore Services We Offer!

Our teams dedicated for procurement of transcripts is seamless & focused on improving experienc .

Timely Services

Transcripts delivered intime to keep the candidates process fluid

Global Reach

Transcripts or any other documentation can be delivered to Any Agency/University Across The Globe .

Minimal Charges

Edvantage Transcripts are meant to be most cost effective as the native team will be co ordinating the applications

Modify Application

Edvantage analyses the document meanwhile that time can be kept for candidates rectification before proceeding to university