Birth Certificate Attestation

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Getting Birth Certificate Attestation is required to prove the authenticity of the document to use abroad. Birth certificate attestation has to be issued from the country where you are born.

Why Birth Certificate Attestation is necessary?

Birth certificate attestation is needed while you are applying for a visa to migrate to another country. It is a mandatory requirement to provide attested birth certificate if you are planning to take your kids along with you abroad. In many countries, it is mandatory to provide birth certificate for various purposes such as social security card, for admission in schools and universities, for identification. Birth certificate attestation is a necessary requirement for your children to get admission in foreign schools and universities. You need to provide the attested birth certificate document for getting a family visa abroad. It is also required for employment and migration purposes. Birth certificate attestation is needed to verify your age and the place from where it was issued.

Some FAQ's About Attestation

What is the procedure to get a certificate attested from India?

There are many ways to attest educational document from India , it’s a chain process.To get that all the other attestation is required

  • Home Department (Mantralaya)
  • Ministry of External Affairs (New Delhi)
  • UAE Embassy (New Delhi)
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs (locally from UAE).

Why is attestation of certificates necessary?

1) : Educational Certificates

Purpose for attestation: To obtain an employment visa/ labor Card in United Arab Emirates for most of the designation To pursue higher education in a foreign country To write Ministry of Health and Dept.of Health examinations by doctors, nurses, pharmacists,laboratory technicians,etc. To get the equivalent certificates

2) : Non Educational Certificates Purpose for attestation:

To obtain residence visa for wife, children, in-laws For the admission of child in the school(via Transfer Certificate) Power of Attorney a.To get the right to sell properties in India b.For the removal of LLC partnership provided partner in India does not wish to extend the partnership To get the experience certificate attested To get the experience certificate attested.

If the certificate is laminated what will you do?

The lamination from the certificate will be removed carefully so as not to cause any damage to the certificate. The attestation stamps will be put on the non- laminated area of the certificate. It is our suggestion to you to avoid laminating your certificates, since different countries demand for different attestations on the certificates and every time removal of lamination may cause some undesirable damages to your valuable certificates. So Our suggestion is to not laminate final year marksheets and main degree certificates.

In case you lose any certificate, then how will you manage that?

Edvantage Solution is a trusted company . Our company follows, a certain series of steps during the attestation process, so that none of the documents go missing even by mistake. Special attention is given to each document throughout the process of attestation i.e., from collection to delivery.Read More FAQ’s

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