Education Verification|Degree Verification|Marks card Verification

Education Verification|Degree Verification|Marks card Verification

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Hiring a new employee likely means your small business is growing. It’s an exciting time, but with the company’s need for expansion comes a great deal of risk. Making the wrong hire can derail plans, disrupt operations and cause friction in the workplace—a hiring manager’s worst nightmare.

Verifying education history is an important step in vetting applicants, especially because education history from an applicant can often be inaccurate or incomplete.

Verifying education history can be time-consuming and difficult for a variety of reasons. Institutions contacted to confirm degrees may be unresponsive or unavailable -due, for example, to reduced staff, budget cuts, holiday closures or requests being submitted outside hours of operation.

Applicants often provide inaccurate or incomplete information, such as an unearned degree, which makes confirming education history difficult and delays the time to complete the investigation. Increase in producing of fake documents to gain upper role and cheat company is threat to organisation it can easily indicate the risk they can cause in future

Today organizations face a challenge while tackling fake candidates, who provide illegitimate mark sheets in order to get a job. Thus the need to verify the marks/grades earned by the candidates, is absolutely necessary, to avoid wrong hiring. When organizations attempt to verify education in-house, the quality of the information received and the time it takes to verify education history varies based on the skills and resourcefulness of each researcher. A mistake may result in a bad hire.

Edvantage Solution can behelpful Verify the authenticity & reliability of the Degree, Diploma & Certificates issued by respective Universities, Colleges, Institutes, etc. duly verified & attested & by respective authorities.

Verifying the information included on an applicant’s resume can help improve the quality of your company’s hires.

Edvantage Solution’s education verification processes may vary and can be customised, employers are typically looking to confirm the following:

  • Education degrees
  • Course Verification
  • Course Duration
  • Years attended
  • Enrollment & Registration Details

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