Australian Computer Society Skills Assessment for Australian Migration

ACS Australia is a computer and technology review and assessment company. ACS stands for Australian Computer Society. When new immigrants come to Australia to work in the technology sector, such as IT, they must pass the ACS assessment. 


Passing the skills assessment of the ACS is necessary to immigrate as a skilled worker. A skilled worker includes individuals with a combination of schooling and professional work.

This assessment evaluates the individual’s skills and qualifications. The review board assesses whether these qualifications will positively impact Australia’s economy.


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The Global Talent Independent (GTI) program is designed to attract the best and brightest skilled migrants to Australia in a number of sectors. Candidates who meet eligibility requirements are invited by the Department of Home Affairs (DoHA) to apply for a Distinguished Talent visa. The Department of Home Affairs accepts GTI nominations from the ACS. Please refer to our “Information for Applicants” page for further information.


Documents Required for Evaluation

Preparing Documents to Upload into the Online Application Form:

  1. Consolidate all pages into one PDF document for each qualification and each employment entry. If documents are digitally signed do not combine with any other document.

  2. High quality colour scans of originals (at least 300dpi).

  3. Maximum limit of 3MB per PDF upload

  4. Ensure your PDF files are not encrypted or read only

  5. Upload the PDF files of your documents into the Online Application Form

  6. If submitting electronic documents with digital signatures, it must be verifiable

  7. When submitting new or additional documents, re-name the document to differentiate from already

    submitted documents

  8. Documents not in English must be accompanied by an accredited English translation. For more

    information on English translations, please refer to “Translation of Documents” in the Skills Assessment

    Guidelines for Applicants

  9. We recommend that you take a screenshot of the Application Summary page prior to submitting your skills assessment application



Charges for ACS Assessment

To ensure you submit the correct skills application, please review the Skills Assessment Guidelines for Applicants for a detailed explanation of the application type criteria. 
Application type
Temporary Graduate – 485 Skills Assessment
Post Australian Study Skills Assessment
Skills (general application)
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)
Review Application
Appeal Application

All skills assessment fees include a total of eight assessment episodes per application. An assessment episode can be made up of qualifications or employment documentation. This means you can submit any combination of qualifications and employment episodes that total eight episodes per application.

A $50 fee applies for each additional qualification or employment episode that exceeds the maximum of eight per application. Fees are in Australian dollars (AUD).

Please note that all costs and charges for skilled migration will increase by CPI effective 4th July, 2022.

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