Reasons for Assessment Failure/Rejection

Reasons for Assessment Failure/Rejection

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Major Reasons of WES ECA Assessment Rejection or Going on Hold.


  1. Transcript/Marks Statements is not received yet.
  2. You have not uploaded Main Degree/Provisional Certificate
  3. Received Documents has errors or not legible .
  4. Partial Records
  5. WES Received Transcript from College(Non-Autonomous) . Transcript must be sent from University/College(Only if Autonomous)/Board
  6. WES received your document in an envelope that was NOT stamped or signed across the back flap by the appropriate official
  7. WES requires sealed envelopes as part of the document authentication process. If you have not sent a sealed envelope, we cannot proceed. The only exception to this rule is if Customs opens your envelope for a security check
  8. Translation Not Precise or Missing Information
  9. WES Verified and Found the Records are Illegitimate/Fraudulent


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