Complete Details & Process of Background Verification

What is BGV(Background Verification)?

Background verification is a process where individual or organization verifies its candidates to ensure the any claim regarding to their employee history ,cv ,reference or anything  is right or wrong.


How do I do a background check?

We strive to make the process easy and straightforward. Account setup is free. See our sign up page for a step-by-step process.


Why do background checks?

Background checks have become a matter of necessity for many reasons. Many applicants make false claims on their job applications/resumes or have been involved in criminal activity which they do not disclose.

Background Checks can be done for

  • Hiring Maid/Driver /Domestic Help
  • Marriage Verification
  • Employee Verification
  • Blue Collar Employees Verification
  • Executive Verification
  • Tenant Verification


What is Letter of Authorization?

Letter of Authorization is consent required to proceed for BGV application where individual/Employee consent is required to proceed with verification.


Do errors occur in background checks?

Yes! Errors do occur in background checks. The information in a background check is created, compiled, filed, stored, retrieved, and reported by individuals who can make mistakes and computer systems that can fail to operate properly.


What Should An Applicant Do If An Error Is Found In A Background Check?

If an error is found in a background check report, the applicant should promptly inform the employer.
The Applicant needs to explain the error to the employer and provide the employer any documentation or information which may shed light on the issue.
The employer should re-investigate the error and report the results of the re-investigation to the applicant.
If the error is in the information at the source (school, prior-employer, courthouse, etc.) the applicant should promptly contact the information source directly and have the error corrected. After the information has been corrected at the source, the applicant should inform the employer and request a re-investigation of the information and a report of the results.
If the report was prepared by a third-party agency, the agency should have been contacted by the employer to conduct the re-investigation. The applicant may also contact the third-party agency directly to dispute an error.


What Should An Employer Do If An Applicant Reports An Error In A Background Check?

If an applicant reports an error in a background check report, the employer should:
Obtain details from the applicant about the information in dispute (including any relevant documentation).
Re-investigate the disputed item.
If the re-investigation confirms the original report, the error may be at the record source (school, prior-employer, courthouse, etc.). Have the applicant contact the record source and request that the records be corrected. After the records have been corrected, the employer should again re-investigate the disputed information.
Keep the applicant informed and provide the results of the re-investigation to the applicant
Note: Many background check errors reported by applicants are in reality errors or fraud on the part of the applicant. Always verify applicant claims by re-investigating the disputed information with the original record source.


How long does a background check take to complete?

Results are gathered from multiple sources and completed in one to three business days. The process may take longer because a few courts, employers, and schools are hard to contact or slow to respond. Results from these sources are usually back within a week or 2 week.


What do employers look for in a background check?

Most prospective employers are concerned about discrepancies between what the applicant claimed and what is reported by schools, prior employers, etc. Most also watch for negative reports such as criminal history. It is wise for employers to attempt to verify anything that is important to job performance, would impact the applicant’s job qualifications, or could impact the safety of the public, fellow employees, and customers.


Can anyone run a background check?

No. Because of the sensitive nature of the information gathered, background checks are restricted to those with a legal “permissible purpose.


Does the applicant need to sign something?

Edvantage Solution require that an applicant give written authorization (LOA form) before you run a background check. Please check the Guide.


Can I run a background check without telling the employee?

India laws require that an applicant be notified about a background check. You should consult with an Lawyers for guidance in your specific situation.


What Information can Edvantage Solution verify ?

We serve wide variety of checks like identiy check, reference check , employement history ,social media scanning, CIBIL report, criminal (local, state, India),licenses, Educational Documents & civil judgements


How soon can I get results?

You can track results online as soon as they have been quality-checked for accuracy and completeness. Results usually begin to be available within a day or week based on requested check.


What can I do to speed up my order?

The best thing you can do to expedite your order is to fill out all documentation completely and legibly. Not only will this increase the speed with which results are received, but it will also help ensure that the most accurate results possible are obtained.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of Criminal History Databases?

There are no true national Criminal History Record repositories or databases. The available databases are compiled from a variety of sources and are notoriously incomplete and out of date. However, databases can be fast, powerful research tools that cover a larger geographical area. When we use a criminal database as a research tool, we verify any database “hits” with the proper local jurisdiction.


Does Edvantage Solution maintains database?

No! The only consumer files we maintain are archived copies of recent background checks. No information from a prior background check is used in a subsequent background check. Each report is compiled separately from fresh research data.


How Do I Print the full report?

To print the full report, try using the Landscape format, print to size button in your print preferences, resize the report, or you can always copy and paste the data into Excel. Using Landscape, the full report will fit into one page.


Does Edvantage Solution Store Debit/Credit Card Details?

No. Edvantage Solution Does Not Store any payment information

How is the final report provided?

Final report is sent by mail or uploaded to your account in Edvantage Solution Portal.